Cymarfer :: An Online Welsh Grammar Course

This section is a comprehensive online grammar course for those who are fluent in Welsh or who have learned Welsh to an advanced level. It includes a series of lessons on various aspects of Welsh grammar and guidelines for avoiding common errors.

At the end of each lesson, you will be given an opportunity to test your knowledge by means of a variety of interactive exercises.

Introduction to Vowels and Consonants, as well as Parts of Speech.

The Mutations
The different mutations and the reasons for their occurance.

Overview of feminie, masculine and plural nouns.

The characteristics of adjectives

Verbs and their characteristics.

The negative
How to use the negative form correctly

A look at how to 'run' prepositions

What is what?
How to avoid getting confused between similar words.

How to avoid English turns of phrases
How to write a form of Welsh that has not been influenced by English syntax.

Common errors
How to avoid some common errors.